Care1st Marketing Department

Thinking Ahead for Our Market

Our Care1st Marketing Department is dedicated to staying connected to members by making their lives better through the creation of unique programs that make a difference in the communities where they live. The department's goal is to help members become better healthcare consumers so they can overcome challenging health issues. To achieve that goal, we utilize programs, partnerships and strategies, as well as educational materials, messages and activities.

How We Support Our Marketing

By responding to the needs of Care1st's internal departments, our Marketing Department works diligently to develop critically needed solutions for patient care and retention. General support activities include:

  • Enhancing media relations and corporate image planning.
  • Coordinating and performing Medi-Cal In-Service orientations for Primary Care Providers.
  • Establishing solid working relationships with community leaders, providers and businesses.
  • Monitoring and eliminating non-compliant provider marketing-related activities through education on regulatory guidelines.
  • Coordinating and organizing outreach efforts to reach Medi-Cal and Healthy Families prospects and members.
  • Developing and implementing specialized programs such as Care1sts newborn "Baby's First Years" and "Back-2-School Daze." These programs are designed to help members improve their health by taking advantage of wellness practices.

Got Questions?

For more information about Care1st marketing, please call 1-323-889-6638, ext. 6456