Provider Network Operations (PNO)

Excellent Relationships Lead to Medical Excellence

Developing a large network of Primary Care Physicians, specialists and other key health care providers is one of our most important missions. With a panel of over 7,000 physicians, 52 Medical Groups/IPAs, 80 hospitals and numerous ancillary providers, our Provider Network Operations department builds and manages that network throughout our service areas. With a state-of-the-art information system, Internet accessibility and highly experienced management support, we are able to create a well-informed and enthusiastic network of providers.

Our PNO Department understands the importance of developing and maintaining strong relationships and eliminating the barriers that people must overcome to access their health care services. As a "mixed-model HMO," Care1st contracts with individual physicians and Medical Groups/IPAs on a capitated basis. Under the Medical Groups/IPAs arrangements, many operational functions are delegated outside those organizations, with Care1st providing critical oversight.

We're Working Closely with You

Our "mixed model" arrangement also offers an opportunity for independent physicians and other provider-types to contract directly with Care1st with flexible reimbursement. It is our desire to be the most provider-responsive department in the field by working closely with our providers to better understand obstacles facing them and finding new ways to improve the delivery of health care services.

Care1st Health Plan's Contracted Medical Groups/IPAs

Medical Groups/IPAs - Accessing Information