Provider Network Operations (PNO)

Medical Groups/IPAs - Accessing Information

FTP Technical User Guide:
An explanation of files which are available in Care1st’s FTP server on a routine basis. To request a guide please contact Data Exchange at

Additional files may be exchanged periodically, but all files must be encrypted with the correct PGP key. It is very important for all IPA staff to be aware that member/provider PHI information must not be sent via email, even if it is zipped or otherwise password-protected. PGP-encrypted files sent via FTP is the only method currently accepted by Care1st as our HIPAA-compliant procedure.

If you do not know how to access our FTP server, how to use PGP, if you don’t know who the contact person is at your IPA, or if you have any questions about the FTP Technical User Guide, please contact us at Data Exchange: (323) 889-5254 or by email: