A Team of Leaders

Blue Shield/Care1st is managed by a team of highly skilled and involved executives. We strive to pay our providers on time, pay claims quickly and provide the best health care services to our members. Blue Shield/Care1st is determined to be service oriented and use the newest technology available.

Blue Shield/Care1st's management team consists of the following executives:

  • Greg Buchert, MD, MPH
    President and Chief Executive Officer
  • Tanya Dansky, MD
    Vice President and Chief Medical Officer
  • Barry Staton
    Chief Financial Officer
  • Kristen Cerf
    Chief Legal Officer
  • Amanda Flaum
    Vice President and Chief Operating Officer
  • Siobhain McCarthy
    Divisional Vice President of Human Resources & Communications
  • Michael Osorio
    Divisional Vice President and Chief Compliance Officer