MEDI-CAL Health Education

Health Education for MEDI-CAL Providers

Initial Health Assessment

All newly enrolled members need to be offered and provided access to an Initial Health Assessment (IHA). Members need to have an IHA within 120 days of enrollment. The IHA consists of a comprehensive health history, assessment of health education needs, physical assessment and specific evaluation, tests, immunizations, counseling, follow-up and treatments. Provision of the assessment or that of a comparable comprehensive assessment needs to be documented in the patient's medical chart.

In an effort to ensure patients have timely access to an IHA, Care1st sends providers a list of members who are due an IHA. You should receive this list on a monthly basis.

During their Initial Health Assessment, members need to complete an IHEBA in the appropriate age category for them. The IHEBA can help you identify risky health behavior in order to promote positive lifestyle changes. Download the forms below:

Emergency Room (ER) Health Education Campaign

We ask for your commitment in helping us educate patients about appropriate use of the ER. The following materials can help facilitate your discussion with your patients.