Quality Improvement Incentive Program (Q.I.I.P)

Healthy Families 120 Day Initial Health Assessments*
We reimburse you $50 for health assessments completed within 120 days of each new Care1st's member's effective date with you. This is in addition to the current fee-for-service reimbursement you receive as a Care1st directly contracted PCP.

* Use ICD-9 Code V70.0 to indicate initial Health Assessment Physical Examination, on the HCFA 1500-Section 21.)

Medi-Cal CHDP Services
In addition to your capitation, Care1st reimburses for CHDP Services.

Note: CHDP services will be paid at CHDP rates when submitted accurately on a PM-160 Form within 30 days from the date of service. (Claims may be paid up to a year from date of service). Rendering physicians, must submit the appropriate information to Care1st to participate in the QIIP programs. Please contact your Care1st Provider Services Representative at 1-323-889-6638 x6388 for more information about these programs.

Get reimbursed $5.00 for each of the following adult immunizations given.

  • (90471) Immunization administration, single or combination vaccine/toxoid
  • (90472) Immunization administration; two or more single or combination vaccines/toxoids
Provider Appreciation

We are pleased to introduce our Provider Appreciation program. We are finalizing the details and look forward to sharing with you more information soon.

Here is the Part 1 Webinar collateral created by IHA giving an introduction of their Value Based Pay for Performance (VBP4P) Program:

If you would like additional information on IHA’s VBP4P program, please visit the IHA’s VBP4P website to get more information