Behavioral Health Services

SBIRT - Screening, Brief Intervention, and Referral to Treatment

What are Behavioral Health Services?

Behavioral Health services include Mental Health, Substance Use Disorder, and Behavioral Health Treatment for Autism Spectrum Disorder.


Medi-Cal Behavioral Health coverage through is offered in Los Angeles County and San Diego County. Please review the grid below to make the appropriate referrals:

County Department of Mental Health Substance Abuse/Misuse Behavioral Health Services Autism Spectrum Disorder
Los Angeles (855) 765-9701 Beacon as liaison
(800) 854-7771 ACCESS hotline
(800) 879-2772 DHCS Substance Use Resource Center (855) 765-9701 Beacon (800) 605-2556 Member Services
San Diego (888) 724-7240 ACCESS hotline (800) 879-2772 DHCS Substance Use Resource Center (855) 321-2211 Beacon (800) 605-2556 Member Services

Mental Health

Please note that the responsibility will be dependent on the member’s severity of impairment. For what to consider when making your referral, please consult the Mental Health Severity Screening Tool.

Substance Abuse/Misuse

For SBIRT (Screening, Brief Intervention, Referral, and Treatment) related information, please visit the Provider SBIRT page.

Behavioral Health Treatment for Autism Spectrum Disorder

For Autism Spectrum Disorders related information, please visit our ASD page.


For Medicare covered Behavioral Health benefits, please refer to the back of the member’s card for their Behavioral Health Benefit contact. If you are unsure, please contact Provider Relations at (800) 468-9935, and speak to a Provider Relations Representative.

Cal MediConnect

Coverage information, including benefit availability and claims information, can be obtained by calling:

County Mental Health and Substance Use Services
Los Angeles (855) 765-9701 Beacon
San Diego (855) 321-2211 Beacon

Depression Screening

Each member must receive a depression screening annually. The screening must be done using a standardized tool and must be performed in conjunction with and on the same date as an outpatient visit. If the screening is positive, a follow-up plan must be included in the member’s medical record on the date of the screening. Follow-up for a positive depression screening must include one or more of the following:

  • Additional Evaluation
  • Suicide Risk Assessment
  • Referral to a practitioner who is qualified to diagnose and treat depression
  • Pharmacological Interventions
  • Other interventions or follow-up for the diagnosis and treatment of depression

The documented follow-up must be related to the positive depression screening; for example, ”Patient referred for psychiatric evaluation due to positive depression screening.” Please note that the member should receive one screening per year. Please utilize one of the approved depression screening tools (click here).