Health Education for you and your members

Health Education offers many family health services. We want to help you and your family to stay healthy and active, so provides services, materials and information on various related topics. If you would like more information on the services available to you, please call the Health Education Department at 1-800-605-2556.


Health Education provides information to help you stay fit, manage your disease, or maintain your weight, eat healthy, and many more topics. We can help you find classes, counseling and support groups for your needs.

We offer a Living Well information line to answer your questions on cholesterol, weight management, exercise, general nutrition guidelines, and diabetes. To access our Living Well information line please call the Health Education Department at 1-800-605-2556.

Preventive Health
(Initial Health Assessment - First Health Checkup)

You need to make an appointment for your first health checkup as soon as possible if you are a member. You will receive a complete physical during your first health checkup. This checkup will help your doctor get to know you better. This is important since your doctor is your partner in your health. At your appointment, your doctor will ask you to answer a questionnaire called the "Staying Healthy Assessment." It will help your doctor provide you with complete care.

Preventive Health Guidelines

We want you and your family to stay healthy. Regular checkups, even when you are not sick, are important to maintain your health. They also help your doctor identify health problems early on. Preventive health guidelines below show you when you need your regular checkups:


See the list of available health topics in video, animation, handout and web site links from streaMed:


Your doctor's office may have brochures on various health topics for you and your family. Or you may also request brochures by calling 's Health Education Department:

Member Newsletters

As a member, you will receive newsletters that have useful information on many topics. An online version of the most current newsletter may be viewed (English & Spanish).

Health Talk Newsletter

Health Talk Newsletters

Got Questions?

Call the Health Education Department at 1-800-605-2556

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